Those Intrepid Animal Heroes

Those Intrepid Animal Heroes More than just companions, pets become lifelong friends, always willing to go the extra mile for those they love. Many pets have been known to perform amazing acts of courage.

Courageous Canine Charges Off Cliff

Take, for example, Woody, a mixed breed dog from Ohio. In 1980 this heroic dog jumped from an 80-foot cliff into a small river in order to save his owner's fiancée who had fallen from the cliff. This canine hero suffered a broken hip, yet was able to keep his human companion from drowning until help arrived.

Dog Saves Child from Rattlesnake

In San Diego, CA during the summer of 1997, an English Springer Spaniel named Sammy rescued her owner's 3-year-old son, Tommy from the deadly bite of a rattlesnake.

One morning as Jerry was sweeping his patio he heard a noise like a lawn sprinkler coming from his back yard. When Jerry looked over he saw a large rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike at his young son, Tommy. Fortunately, Sammy intervened and jumped between the snake and the child, taking the bite that had been intended for little Tommy.

Sammy was rushed to an animal hospital where she recovered and was soon home with her grateful and much relieved family.

The Cat Heroine of Brooklyn

The Cat Heroine of Brooklyn

You may remember hearing in the spring of 2000 about Scarlett the cat heroine. Scarlett was featured on the Regis & Kathie Lee show after she rescued her kittens from a burning building in March.

Scarlett was a stray cat who repeatedly rushed into her burning home in order to carry her five kittens to safety. She suffered massive burns and trauma, but was able to save all of her kittens.

Sadly, one of Scarlett's kittens succumbed to a virus in April but the remaining four survived and were eventually adopted in pairs. Their courageous mother suffered through a long recovery and was soon adopted into a warm, loving home.