So Crazy It Must Be True

Had we not read about these ourselves, we wouldn't have believed them either. There's more than meets the eye in our furry friends.

Pets & People

Dogs and cats can predict when their human companions are getting sick or having a bad day. Cat and dog owners know about their uncanny ability to seek you out and provide comfort when you're feeling under the weather. Researchers in England are using dogs to predict epilepsy attacks.

Devotion Above and Beyond

Some pets show an amazing and sometimes bizarre attachment to their owners:

• A dog named Greyfriars Bobby from the city of Edinburgh became a local folk hero after his master died. This dog was so attached to his deceased owner that he visited his grave every day for 14 years until his own death. The residents of Edinburgh were so impressed that they built a monument to this devoted canine.

• Bees often pay their last respects to their deceased keepers. They use their amazing navigational powers to find their keeper's grave and say 'goodbye' to their old master.

cat on the road story image• An American cat once walked over 2,500 miles to find his owners after they moved, unaware that they had left him behind.

• A British Army mascot named Sandy was captured by the Germans in Egypt during World War II. This brave dog escaped his captors and walked back to the British base through 140 miles of desert.

Sixth Sense

Some pets have keen senses honed to detect specific behaviors and conditions, such as:

• the onset of skin cancer. • an earthquake or other natural disaster. • their owners preparing to move or go on vacation. • when their owners or other humans are upset or ill.