Presidential Pets

Throughout history, many American presidents and their families have had an affinity for pets. By owning and caring for pets, the presidential office takes on a humane aspect that we can admire regardless of our political beliefs.

When we think of pets, we usually think of dogs, cats and birds. We typically don't expect people to keep hippos, alligators and badgers in their homes. Test you knowledge, and try to guess who brought which pet with them to Washington D.C.

To find out who brought each of these species into the White House, click on the animal in the photo above.

The history of White House pets can be as remarkable as the life stories of the presidents themselves. Yuki was abandoned at a Texas gas station, but Lyndon Johnson's daughter, Luci, adopted the poor pooch, taking him all the way to Washington D.C.

In the oval office, President Johnson and Yuki loved to sing together for visiting dignitaries.