Pet Fashions

Pet Fashions

Pets of the rich and famous have their own grooming salons, day care centers and lines of accessories. You can select rhinestone collars for your home soiree or a doggie-sized lei for your Hawaiian luau.

Some pets have their own wardrobes. You might remember Buddy, the star of Air Bud who joined the high school basketball team in his numbered jersey and matching athletic shoes . . . or the sweet surfer dog in Endless Summer II who sported his own little wet suit . . . or the hapless Great Dane in The Truth About Cats and Dogs who roller-skated his way into our hearts. Unlike cats, dogs do well in outfits and accessories.

Your Dog Can Be a Star

Do you think your dog might like her moment of fame? Try entering her in a parade or coming up with a special holiday outfit. One of our young consultants described what a hit he was last Halloween: 'I made out like a bandit; they gave me extra candy for Gonzo because he was so cute in his cowboy hat and neckerchief . . . but I ate the candy by myself!'

You might start out with simple props like a sun visor for the beach or a neckerchief for Western flair. If your dog has a particularly noble look, he'll attract a lot of attention in his holiday antlers; but if you can't bear to stoop so low, you might get him his own green or red velvet bowtie. (Don't use mistletoe anywhere around your pets, though; it's poisonous.)

Two dogs dressed up for a party

Don't have time to look through your attic for pearls for Pauline? You might want to shop online for special outfits. Check out the Ragdog web site - they have awesome outfits for almost every holiday from Valentine's Day to New Year's Eve.

Picture Rex in a tux and FrouFrou in her own tutu. Or if you don't mind having your dog get all the attention, show up at the company picnic in matching T-shirts and baseball caps!

Caution GraphicBefore you rush to the sewing machine to make doggie jammies and barbecue aprons, warn family members about the dangers of costumes and props.

Never leave your dog unsupervised as a tight bowtie or dangling ornament could cause choking or strangulation. Don't let children tie bows and ribbons around your dog's neck, and check your dog often to make sure she isn't uncomfortable or overheated.

Fashion with Function

If you're a practical dog owner, you might want to choose pet fashions with your dog's comfort and safety in mind. can help you answer some of your questions with great suggestions. Sled dogs who run the Iditarod race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska, have the latest in footwear to protect their paws from injury. If you jog with your dog in a cold climate, you should invest in doggie boots.

Speaking of weather, your dog's wardrobe should include capes, coats and sweaters that protect it from rain and cold. Some dog breeds are especially sensitive to cold and damp; others just like to look cool! Matching hats are optional, of course, but imagine the star potential for Rover when he shows up at the dog park in his fully accessorized rain gear!