Lost Dog Found After Six Years!

June 21 — After six years of wandering the streets of suburban Los Angeles, Lukee the Lhasa Apso finally came home.

The 7-year-old lap dog, who bolted from her yard in 1995, was hours away from euthanasia at a local pound when animal control workers found an implanted microchip in her neck identifying her owner on Tuesday, Los Angeles Animal Control spokesman Bob Ballenger said. They promptly brought her home.

''Thank God for the chip, they were going to put her down,'' said Lukee's owner, said Shauna Lukesh, who lives in Fontana, Calif., about 55 miles east of Los Angeles. ''It's been a long time.''

Lukee ran away on July 4, 1995, apparently because she was traumatized by the sound of fireworks, Ballenger said.

He speculated that after Lukee disappeared another family picked her up and took her home for a while but that she bolted again and had been living on the streets for more than year. ''The dog had been living outside,'' Ballenger said.

Animal control workers last week found Lukee running through the streets of the Los Angeles suburb of Baldwin Park, about 30 miles west of her original home. Her coat was matted and covered with dirt and oil spots, Ballenger said.

Pound workers scan for a microchip twice, once when they pick up a stray animal and a second time when the animal is about to be put to death, Ballenger said. ''I don