Fox joins quest for missing cat

A Fox News helicopter made its way to Durango on Thursday to do a story on the now infamous underground cat.

''The camera guy heard my cat loud and clear,'' said Taeha Reeder, who says that her cat, Talon, has been stuck underground since April 12.

At Fox’s request, the city took a camera to Reeder’s house Thursday to search the sewer line near the property, said Jack Rogers, the city’s director of public works.

Reeder, though, said the cat is stuck in a hole and not a sewer line, so the camera was never deployed.

After three months of digging holes day and night, Reeder is nearing her goal. She said she has finally pinpointed where Talon is stuck.

Talon is stuck under some river rock near the house, Reeder said, and now it is just a matter of time until she can dig far enough into the ground.

''I’m systematically picking out one river rock at a time,'' she said. ''That’s where I can hear him a lot.''

But not all of Reeder’s neighbors are as convinced as she is.

''This thing is out of control,'' said Mike Jones, who lives near Reeder. ''There’s literally been nights when I go out there because my dog is (barking). I take my shotgun to see who’s chasing my horses, and I get out there and there’s a lady and a friend digging up holes in the yard.

''I started laughing so hard when I saw a news crew from Denver fly in,'' he said.

Jones has seen Reeder’s cat, which was also the subject of a recent story in The Denver Post. The problem, though, is the cat is dead, Jones said.

''It was smashed,'' he said. ''It got run over within a week of when they moved in. We saw the cat get run over in our driveway.''

The Reeders moved to the house, about 1 mile south of U.S. Highway 160 and just west of Colorado Highway 172, not long before the cat was reported missing.

No matter the skepticism and the accusations of being crazy, Reeder is not giving up her quest to find Talon.

''If you came and told me this story, I’d think you were a little crazy,'' Reeder said. ''So I understand it, and I tolerate it.''

Jones has never talked to Reeder about his theory on the fate of Talon, Reeder said.

''If there’s a dead cat, I’d be more than happy to look at it,'' she said. ''But I know it’s not mine.''

Denver Post reporter Electa Draper said she heard the cat. Reeder said the Fox cameraman heard the cat. Reeder’s husband told the Herald in May that he heard the cat. Reeder’s daughter can definitely hear the cat, she said in a past interview.

''I definitely am 100 percent sure I’m getting my cat out,'' Reeder said. ''I just don’t know when.''