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Protective Pets Brave Danger

More than just companions, pets prove their friendship by risking their lives. One canine courageous charged off a cliff, while another willingly felt the fangs of a venomous snake.

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Lost Dog Found After Six Years!

After six years of wandering the streets of suburban Los Angeles, Lukee the Lhasa Apso finally came home. The 7-year-old lap dog, who bolted from her yard in 1995

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How do the flea and tick collars work?

The inexpensive, vintage type collars generally start working by emitting toxins as a form of gas to kill and remove the fleas that are staying really close to your pet’s neckline and jaw. But, the advancements made in the pet world has introduced a lot of benefits in treating the dangerous nemesis of dogs, fleas, and ticks.

These parasites are dealt sharply by the newly made flea and tick repellent collars. The toxic vibes coming due to the chemicals present in the collar can evenly spread throughout your pet’s hair, coat and skin using the natural oil from its body.

The best thing about this finding is that they give continuous protection to your pet by creating a shield over its skin.


Are the flea and tick collars eco-friendly?

Most of the flea and tick collars are water resistant, and so it is very safe to take your dog for swimming. However, it is a wise thing to bath your dog before hitting the waters. It is best to stay on the safer side while going to a local swimming pool. The integrity and texture of the product might become weak after some heavy splashes of water. So, it is advisable to take your dog after removing the coating at it might sometimes become harmful for the fish and water life there.

How to use a flea and tick collar comfortably?

You have to read the manufacture’s guidelines properly before using the product. Because it is about your beloved pets. Take some time to understand how the flea and tick collar actually works. Usually, the flea and tick collar should comfortably snug around your dog or cat’s neck. Please, ensure that your puppy or kitten cannot remove its new savior friend. Take the two fingers test before leaving it wrapped around your pet’s neck.

Additional pieces that dangle irritably close to its skin should be removed immediately. Constant monitoring of your dog for irritational symptoms and hair loss around the neck should be noted. It is safe to replace the flea and tick collars regularly. The collar doesn’t necessarily last forever, and if it's constantly getting wet, it is highly recommended to change the collar without any further analysis. Let your pets feel your parts often so that it can signal you when it is time.

Pets in the pink of health

See the manufacturer’s advice while using the product and it is always safe to change the flea and tick collar well before expiry to ensure your little friend is getting the right amount of powerful protection from these pathetic parasites, fleas, and ticks.

However, don’t rely on collars alone. Walk your pets to the nearest flea treatment centers to provide proper care. Because vets can easily detect the problem without any delay. Markets are filled with tablets, sprays, and collars for your pets. Always spend a little more and purchase products with good quality.

Get advice from your vet or SQP every time you look to add something new to your pet’s happy home. Prevention is better than cure and so consulting a qualified doctor before any exotic treatment is mandatory. Wish your puppies and kittens a flea-less and tick-less outing!